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Allegra K Lady Square Neckline Cut Out Shoulders Ribbed, Still cute just tight in my opinion

A week ago. I'm looking for information on the Allegra K Lady Square Neckline Cut Out Shoulders Ribbed Trim Sheathy Knit, so i would like to describe here.

Allegra K Lady Square Neckline Cut Out

Flat Size(cm 1cm0.39inches)International SizeColorBust GirthWaist GirthHip GirthArm GirthShoulder WidthSleeve LengthBack LengthXSCoffeePeacock Blue80678429N/A5072.5XSBlackLight Gray81678528334971SCoffeePeacock BlueBlack85728930.5N/A5175SLight Gray8672903034.55073MCoffeePeacock Blue90779432N/A5276MBlackLight Gray91779532365175LCoffeePeacock BlueBlack97.584.5101.534N/A53.579.5LLight .... Read more or Check Price

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TIGHT Designed for super skinny girls But I'm not so great. But still I have to be in good shape to wear this. I noticed that the area of the breast is too narrow type . by lili

The dress fits as expected I ordered a large because I have big hips and large bust. " fits well " "it fits well" "" "" "phrase " " Alright." " Okay . " " It fits well . "" That's all right . " " It fits well . " 10 " en " " fits well " 1 true false 51603 0 "it fits well" 1 " fits well " 516 true false " that fits well " 0 true false " fit perfectly " 0 true false " fits well" 0 true false " fits well " 0 true false 0.12 "it fits well" "It fits well . " 10 true 15. by Jennifer

I am 5'6 " and 135 I ordered a large and it fits Material soft pleasant does not seem cheap. I can not wait to wear with leggings and boots by Elaine Martin

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